I Love You to Death

Mild spoiler alert: your hosts did NOT love this movie to death. Andrew begins saying goodbye to a prized Laserdisc, Evan refuses to dissent, and Whitney is the one you’d want to make your fresh pizza.

The Prince of Pennsylvania

Your favorite pack of professional podcasters perseveres painfully through The Prince of Pennsylvania. We all had such high hopes going in—based almost entirely on the cover art, it seems—and left the movie feeling a bit confused and wanting a more grounded story.

Permanent Record

In this episode, Andrew reveals that he is an uncultured swine, Evan shows too much interest in the phrase "going together", and Whitney realizes that she has the exact opposite taste in movies from Ev thus far.

The Night Before

We've arrived at our first official Keanu comedy and boy is it a doozy! This movie has everything: jokes that have aged poorly, sex trafficking, racial stereotypes, our very first Keanu "Whoa!", and George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars. Hijinx ensue!

River's Edge

Your three thinking, feeling, empathetic hosts visit—or in Evan’s case revisit—River’s Edge, a place where the main form of currency is a six-pack of warm beer and weed is apparently free courtesy of the local murderer.

Brotherhood of Justice

Your three heroes bravely venture to a perfect-yet-imaginary town in California where the students have decided to take matters of right and wrong into their own hands in between classes in what appears to be a treehouse.

Flying / Dream to Believe

In this episode your hosts discuss the 1986 gymnastics film Flying, sometimes referred to as Dream to Believe/Teenage Dream. We talk about the meaning of “distaff”, hot dogs, the logistics of a flipping contest, and more.


In this episode of the podcast we discuss the 80s ice hockey masterpiece Youngblood. Andrew dekes again on Evan and Whitney’s intros, Whitney has difficulty comprehending young Rob Lowe, and Evan would recommend this film to people that are not his enemies.

One Step Away

In this episode your hosts are discussing the 1985 (short?) film One Step Away. Despite myriad problems, we still somehow found a way to talk about it for almost an hour and have a lot of fun doing so.

Introductions and Why Keanu Reeves?

In this inaugural episode, we discuss the inception of this podcast and each of your hosts share what drew them to the project, their favorite Keanu moments/movies, and what they're most looking forward to watching and discussing. Evan also compares Keanu to the band Creed much to the chagrin of his cohosts.