Andrew Gormley

Never short on pursuing ideas to fill every waking moment of his day, Andrew enjoys both crafting and watching films and has been fond of Keanu Reeves since getting Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey on VHS in his youth. When he’s not here podcasting you can catch him on YouTube teaching video editing techniques and generally being bad at social media on almost every other platform. Twitter / Instagram

Whitney Nelsen

Whitney Nelsen likes her whiskey on the rocks, her steak rare, and her puppies ugly. She's co-host of the thirsty-history podcast Historical Hotties, the "what we've played this week" video game podcast Almost Better Than Science, and plays Annabell on the real-play RPG podcast Myth Takes. She's in online reputation management by trade. The first and last time she felt sexual feelings for Keanu Reeves was in the movie Chain Reaction. Twitter / Instagram

Evan Wells

A self-proclaimed generalist with a passion for tech, music and movies. Sales Engineer by trade with a laundry list of hobbies that fill the rest of my time. Who can forget when Keanu told us that he had to get on that bus or when Morpheus held up a battery and said, "The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world built to turn a human being into this."? I felt the same shock that Neo did. Don't even get me started on River's Edge... Twitter / Instagram

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