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Toy Story 4

In this episode we go off on a tangent about Mad Max Fury Road, Andrew gets to utter the greatest sentence that perhaps exists on the whole of Wikipedia, a new Pop Quiz Asshole record is set, and we also explain why Forky is potentially the most relatable character Pixar has maybe ever created. Bonus: Whitney's Thoughts and Feelings™ on John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum!

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (with Angelica Jade Bastién)

Is it possible that the architectural layout of The Continental is an intentional metaphor for the plot of this film? Maybe! Our very special guest and fellow Keanu Reeves Historian Angelica Jade Bastién joins us to discuss the importance of editing, one key difference that makes old movies better than new movies, and then proceeds to absolutely destroy Erich and Andrew during Pop Quiz, Asshole.

Replicas (with Aja Romano)

As our guest so eloquently points out: our main problems with Replicas revolve around us thinking that it's a movie rather than an unholy amalgamation. Turns out Replicas is roughly nine great ideas all with their own thoughts, feelings, motivations, and darn good questions. The problem this leaves is: can all nine movies have meaningful resolution in under 2 hours? Special guest Aja Romano returns to help us figure it out!

Destination Wedding

One of our most-anticipated episodes AND films just happens to have one of the shortest episode run-times. Very curious, indeed. Come listen to what Whitney and Andrew ultimately end up thinking about this tale of two miserable, cynical people snarking during every waking moment!


Our first episode back after a short hiatus is the one Andrew has long-defended as not being as egregiously bad as our listeners made it out to be. Does he still think so at the end of this episode? You’ll just have to listen to find out about that AND what source of energy would sustain Whitney through the final boss battle of a martial arts film.

A Happening of Monumental Proportions

This episode is monumental, for reasons Andrew wastes no time mentioning up top. You have to guess: with a cast this good and the infinitely-funny Judy Greer in the director’s chair, this is basically an instant win, right? Well… kinda… sorta, not really, but… maybe? Join Whitney and Andrew as they discuss how Common and Keanu walked off the set of John Wick Chapter 2 and right into this set and CONTINUE to play adversaries, old lady candies, and learn that they’ve been playing against the void since Charles showed up!

John Wick Chapter 2

Erich returns for a good one this time. We talk about how Whitney and Erich saw this movie together like some kind of aristocrat, if there’s any secret meaning behind some of the mythological names bandied about, and maybe even throw in an unpaid march plug or two. All in all a very eventful episode!

To the Bone

On this episode, Whitney and Andrew step through the based-on-real-events story of writer/director Marti Noxon’s struggles with anorexia. Whitney makes some great points and Andrew mostly flounders around uncomfortably, but it’s the start of our final season and we’re intent to go out with a bang!

Season 3 Reckoning

The end of yet another era in Keanu’s career. In this episode Whitney and Andrew read listener emails, answer questions, reassess their rankings as required, and announce whose filmography they’ll be tackling next!

The Bad Batch

This episode has everything: Silkwood showers, why you should drink Yorkshire and PGTips Tea, the condemnation of JK Rowling, why you shouldn't live in an airplane fuselage in the desert, the secrets of gin-wine, a cat falling in love with a cardboard cutout of Danny DeVito, and why Jason Mamoa should go on a taco...

Black Lives Matter

Donate to Black Lives Matter: Donate to Equal Justice Initiative:!/donation/checkout Donate to National Bail Fund Network: Learn More at

The Neon Demon

On this episode, we discuss how a mountain lion in your bed is not outside of the realm of possibility, haunted mansions, "Refnocity", and our individual thresholds of what is acceptable when shifting from literalism into complete metaphor.

The Whole Truth

In this, our second time seeing Keanu play a lawyer, we unfortunately don't have quite as memorable a film. Stilted pacing and a surprise but rather uneventful third-act twist keep this movie closer to the valleys than the peaks.


In this jam-packed episode we review the film, the kittens involved in the film, and Key & Peele's sketch show. We discover that Charles' Void does indeed have a shower, Andrew's very bizarre point of reference for Martin Freeman, and much more. This is a good one, folks.


Whitney and Andrew trudge through the valleys of Keanu’s career yet again. This unreliable narrator tale paired with everything happening in the world almost breaks them.

Knock Knock

Join us for this mess of a film about… well, we actually don’t know what Eli Roth was trying to say with this non-thrilling thriller, this not scary horror, this non-gory torture film that was certainly tone deaf at the time but feels especially out of touch 4 years after its release. Lindsey Nelsen reluctantly guests and we talk about how the craziest thing our femme fatales did was dip a lollypop into peanut butter while Keanu goes so far against type that we’re just left wondering: why though?

John Wick (with author Eric Smith)

Author Eric Smith joins us on this episode where we get angry over no Academy Awards for stunt doubles or the Deadpool 2 music video, how people who refuse to give things a perfect score are asshats, why every movie would be better with Willem Dafoe, what Avatar contributed to cinema as a whole, and we listen as Whitney conducts at least two TED Talks. Oh yeah, we definitely talk about John Wick, too!

47 Ronin

This is the final film before the age we know as The Keanussance! Join us as we walk through this tale that is, and we can’t stress this enough, loosely based on true events. We visit a very European-looking Japan, the island of Tortuga from Pirates of the Caribbean, learn that Tengu Lords and Jewish mothers aren’t all that different, and even learn a few new rules of Baseball from Whitney herself.

Man of Tai Chi

This movie, directed by none other than Keanu himself, has nearly everything you might want out of a martial arts film: beautifully choreographed and memorable fight sequences, a pulpy villain, a hard-boiled detective who simply can’t drop the case that’s haunted her career, a duplicitous police captain, a fight between a master and his student, and a GHOST PUNCH. Join Whitney and Andrew as they discuss their mutual love of this seemingly underrated film.

Generation Um

Erich Hall takes one for the team and joins us to discuss everyone’s new least-favorite film. From the lack of character motivations to the lack of plot all the way to the lack of proper cinematography, this film will have you on the edge of your seat… about to get up to physically turn off your television.

Henry's Crime

Elizabeth Nordenholt joins us to discuss Henry’s Crime, a movie that makes a half-hearted attempt at mirroring a Chekhov play and succeeds (?) to varying degrees depending on how hard you’re looking. We also discuss how not to direct a play, the threshold for goodbad movies, and why Henry’s logic was deeply, deeply flawed.

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

We present you with a review of the many lives and actresses portraying Pippa Lee. We also discuss the one single problem with Pan’s Labyrinth, the benefits of attending a cheese conference, and why we should all be considering pregnancy to be very, very metal. Enjoy!

The Day the Earth Stood Still

We’re back after a return from illness, or was Whitney possessed by a ghost? We may never know the truth. We’re joined by special guest Lindsey Nelsen to discuss things like: Just how many times has Keanu played Jesus? Why haven’t we actually done anything about global warming since this movie came out? Is competitive math in movies a bad thing? Was Thanos wrong? We also eventually talk about this movie and how it holds up!

Street Kings

We start the podcast with about four and a half minutes of no dialogue, just like this film, and then gradually end up talking about “Little Baby Nugget America’s Ass”, Terry Crews, and Harley Quinn. Charles Nowlin surprises and delights with a game of Pop Quiz Asshole that delights the senses.

The Lake House (with Aja Romano)

Journey with Whitney, Aja, and Andrew to The Lake House, a beautiful piece of architecture that, accordingly to our very own Charles Nowlin, is missing a CRITICAL component you'll learn about in Pop Quiz, Asshole. You'll also finally get closure on what Whitney, after years of avoiding it, truly thinks of this film. Aja brings her signature encyclopedic pop culture knowledge to fill in some gaps and make some very cool connections. Andrew is just happy to be here!

A Scanner Darkly

Season 3 is officially here and to kick it off we put on our scramble suits and dive headlong into A Scanner Darkly. We bring in friend of the show Erich to discuss his skincare routine, learn about the role that defined Robert Downey Jr. as an actor for Whitney, and what D.A.R.E. should’ve shown Andrew to stop him from trying drugs.

Season 2 Reckoning

Hindsight continues to be 20/20. In this episode we reflect on our Keanu movie rankings thus far and make changes as necessary. We also discuss some exciting new changes in store for season 3!

Constantine (with Aja Romano)

In our penultimate episode of season 2 we bring back friend of the show Aja Romano to answer the most burning question of Keanu's career: is Constantine a good movie?


I think we can all agree that while a coming-of-age tale can be timeless and relatable, they’re a dime a dozen. Meanwhile, where are all the movies about dentists who philosophize and offer spiritual counsel to their patients while experiencing tremendous character growth? This movie almost shows us that story, but unfortunately we may never know the full tale of Perry the Dentist.

Ellie Parker

This week’s “Keanu Reeves movie” is the story of struggling Australian actress in Hollywood. Apparently, what she’s struggling with is having a camera further than 2 inches from her face. Turns out that’s really distracting for everyone involved! Naomi Watts does her best to save this train wreck of film that Roger Ebert somehow liked. Definitely skip this one, but feel free to listen along as we deliver sick burn after sick burn!

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